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TTV- Kythira’s former local television channel

In the eighties, nineties and up to the beginning of this century, TTV was a household name on Kythira.

TTV was founded by Theodoros Travasaros, a postman by profession. In his free time, armed with his video camera, he went everywhere on the island recording as many Kythirian events as possible. Village festivals, Orthodox Easter, christenings, political meetings, a journey to Australia… You name it and Theodoros and his reporter Dimitris were there.

During almost thirty years of TTV, Theodoros created an important archive of film and sound material. Eventually, very sadly, TTV had to stop broadcasting.

Five years ago, Theodoros unexpectedly passed away. His relatives have recently decided to put many of TTV’s videos on Youtube. Click here and experience the beautiful Kythira of yesteryear. And if you subscribe to the YouTube channel you will be informed when more old videos are added.

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