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Kythira Trail Maintenance Week

Scoop: The Kythira Trail Maintenance Weeks 2020

In cooperation with Kythera Trails, Pyrgos House is organizing Kythira’s first Trail Maintenance Weeks in March and October 2020. We are intending to continue this event on a yearly basis because Kythira is on its way to becoming Greece’s number one walking destination.

Dates: March 23rd – 30th 2020 (we will announce the dates for October in April 2020)

During this week, in small groups and armed with secateurs, rakes and other tools, we will go clearing and maintaining trails (pruning, sawing, clearing stones, checking markers etc.). We will combine this useful work with pleasant and relaxing visits to a village, a monastery or an historically important location. We will also enjoy a delicious lunch in a field or at local kafeneion. In the evenings, we will all have dinner together in one of the tavernas in Potamos.

Click on this link for more information. Or send your email to for inquiries and to book this unforgettable week on Kythira.

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