Pyrgos House – Kythira Greece

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Walks with Frank

Now the warm summer is over, we welcome the cooler months of September and October as the more pleasant temperatures will allow us to take longer walks. This week, I guided walkers along the strenuous Potamos – Trifyllianika Gorge – Paleochora track and the walk through and around Chora towards stunning Trachylos. Here we tasted kritamos – sea fennel – which grows on the rocks and tastes fresh and salty. We also saw the delicate cyclamens along the footpaths and the fast growing sea squill is now becoming visible everywhere. In Chora’s castle grounds we saw the hoopoe hopping in front of us. This is a beautiful migratory bird that comes to Kythira on its route towards Africa and is a tangible sign that autumn is on its way…

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