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Agia Elessa

The Agia Elessa Monastery is located in the south western part of Kythira, on one of the island’s highest hills. Agia Elessa’s name day celebration is on August 1st. Elessa was born in the Peloponnese to a wealthy pagan father and devout Christian mother and she converted to her mother’s religion. After her mother died her father wanted her to marry a pagan ruler, so Elessa fled to Kythira in order to dedicate her life to God and to helping the poor. Sadly her father followed and found her, and Elessa was tortured and eventually murdered on the spot where the monastery was built in 1871.
Many pilgrims stay in the monastery during Dekapentismou, the period of 15 days towards August 15th, Maria Ascension. This tradition is still popular. You are invited to attend the morning service on August 1st led by Kythira’s bishop. After the service (around 10 am), there will be a procession through the monastery grounds.
If you visit the monastery on 1st August you will not only be rewarded with stunning views of the island but also with drinks and homemade pastries!

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