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Kythira Trail Maintenance Week

Kythira Trail Maintenance Week – October 2021 – a huge success

Last week we had our first Kythira Trail Maintenance Week. Every day, we went with 6 to 8 people into the countryside and cleared an overgrown path. Each time we worked in a different area in order to get to know the island. It was great fun: being active with rake, pickaxe, pruners and mower. And of course we enjoyed lovely picnics in the fields.
Judging by the reactions of the participants and by the result of the clearing, we can safely conclude that the Trail Maintenance Week was a success. That’s why we are making this week a tradition: every last week in March and in October we will go pruning…
We have already received the first bookings for March 2022. If you are game for making Kythira’s trails even more beautiful, have a look at this page and sign up for March or October next year.

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