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Kythira green

Kythira is becoming green again

Usually, after a pleasant, warm and dry summer, September brings the first and very welcome rain. A few days later the grass starts to grow giving the island its fresh green radiance. Fragile pink cyclamens appear on roadsides and in fields. From the beginning of October, the heather turns most of Kythira purple. Another beautiful autumn is here.

The daytime temperature is perfect for both day walks and longer excursions. And what is more enjoyable than having a break on the beach and taking a dip in the wonderful sea water.

Within a few weeks islanders will start harvesting olives and heather honey and at the beginning of November, it will be time to distil tsipouro. Summer is over but the winter months are still far away. Autumn on Kythira has much to offer and is very pleasant!!

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