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Agia Moni Monastery

During the Walking Group Holiday we visited the Agia Moni Monastery, located on top of one of the high hills between Avlemonas and Diakofti. You can get there by car but the most special experience is, of course, arriving at the monastery on foot as the pilgrims did in olden times. There are three possibilities: either the large ancient stone path that starts from the main road between the airport and Diakofti (signed “Agia Moni 1100 m”), or take the narrow but easily negotiable footpath from Diakofti (route M36 that starts at the pier), or along the paved road from the Kolokotronis statue. The monastery is open daily. You will be welcomed by Ilias, the caretaker. In the courtyard you can see the beautiful church and the monastery cells which are still being used by pilgrims. If you’re lucky, you will also meet Papas Giorgis, at work in his candle factory. He invented a machine that makes 8,000 candles in 6 hours. Impressive!

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