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Romantic picnic

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This afternoon, we had a very special event in an olive grove near Karavas. We spread a large cloth in a field full of colourful flowers, we made a delicious fresh salad, paksimadia were put on a plate and glasses were filled with wine. Our excursion guides settled down and made the scene complete as they chatted and laughed. Enthusiasm was all around: Harry with his olive oil, Maria and Fotini for their workshops (cooking and making olive oil soap), Eleni and Yannis with their thyme honey. They all are ready to welcome you into their kitchen, grove or atelier. Photographer Chrysa captured the romantic scene. I hardly can wait to see her pictures which we will be using for our new posters. Are you curious as well? Please click here for our full excursion programme and to hear about these people who would love to show to you their beautiful island.

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