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Potamos has it!

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Probably every visitor to Kythira will also be coming to Potamos. Not only for the traditional Sunday morning market, but also to enjoy sitting on one of the terraces watching daily life, drinking a coffee or a glass of ouzo. Many people, though, don’t know that Potamos has much more to offer. Like the aristocratic mansions, the English bridge, Astikon – the former school, six small churches (most of them date back to the 16th century), narrow alleys with old wells and surprising vistas and views. In order to show you our Potamos, we have organised a one-hour walking route. This route is marked on the new ‘street plan’ of Potamos which will be available from next week (€ 2). Buy this plan at Pyrgos House Tourist Office and you will get a detailed route description with interesting information free of charge.

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