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(English) Felotti Bay

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf Amerikanisches Englisch, Niederländisch und Griechisch verfügbar.

Yesterday, I was at Felotti, one of the quiet bays on the south-west coast. The bay is along the route of the ‘Kythira Walking Tour’ and of ‘Round South’. If you prefer the shorter walk from Chora, then choose walk 29 from our walking guide ‘Kythira on foot’. The surroundings are beautiful with the impressive high cliffs ‘Kakoplaka’ and the numerous large boulders that seem to have been placed deliberately on the long, green hill slopes.

At Felotti, I always visit the hidden cave church Agia Pelagia, green coloured due to the humidity from the sea, just a few metres away. But my favourite spot, a bit further along, is the beautiful quarry from ancient times. Sitting here, with the raging sea at my feet, it is great to enjoy once again such a special place on Kythira.

My strenuous climb to Chora, partly along an ancient footpath in the midst of flowering sage, was rewarded with a stunning view of the Venetian Kastro. Unique!

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