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Woodland Day 300

Chora High School has taken the initiative to organise planting 300 trees in the area between Panagia Orphani Monastery and Limnionas Bay (west of Mylopotamos). A few years ago this region was devastated by bush fires.
‘Woodland Day 300’ is expected to be at the end of November or early December. 300 young cedar trees will be planted (Juniperus phoenicea). It is most remarkable that these new trees actually originate from Kythira. Thanasis Samios from Aloïzianika – a former Chora High School pupil currently working as an agronomist – has developed 300 strong new trees from grafted cuttings of local trees.
Adopt your own tree now for only 15 euros (your tree will have a small sign with your name, the name of a loved one, or a wish). To participate in this beautiful green initiative, send an email to We will inform you about payment and the exact date of ‘Woodland Day 300’. Of course, we will be there to plant both your trees and our trees (Pyrgos House has adopted 5 trees). We will send you pictures and a report but we particularly hope that you will visit Kythira next year, or later, to see the green result!

Update November 11th 2015: all trees have been adopted!! Thank you very much for your participation.


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