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Archaeological sites, monuments and museums in Kythira

As a Kythira visitor you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the island’s past. Museums, exhibitions and monuments are waiting for your visit. The following schedule of opening times will help you to plan your daily programme.

May 1st – September 30th opening times.

Castle in Chora: Monday to Sunday 0800-2000 hours

Permanent exhibition of coats of arms: Monday to Sunday 1400-2000 hours

Archaeological Museum of Kythira in Chora: Tuesday to Sunday 0900-1600 hours

Byzantine Museum – Livadi: Tuesday to Sunday 0900-1600 hours

Agios Dimitrios in Pourko: please contact the Byzantine Museum

Agios Giannis on the cliff in Kapsali:  

Monday Tuesday Thursday Saturday 0830-1300 hours

Wednesday Friday Sunday 1530-2030 hours

Agia Sofia Cave in Mylopotamos: Tuesday to Sunday 1100-1830 hours

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