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Apricot time

It is mid-June, the time of year when the apricots ripen. It is obvious that 2018 is a good apricot year. In the trees, many branches are hanging down to the ground because of the profusion of apricots. Sometimes there is even a broken branch, because of the weight. Our own apricot tree is still young but we were happy to harvest a dozen delicious fruits. Next year we hope to have more…
Yesterday, the owner of Archontiko, the accommodation next to Pyrgos House office, invited me in. In his kitchen he showed me many boxes filled with apricots. Apricots everywhere, and the tree still has a lot of fruit to be picked. I went home with 10 kilos of apricots to make jam in the next couple of days. The whole winter we will enjoy the taste of this lovely sweet fruit. Delicious!!

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