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Kythira Walking Tour

2022, a walking season like before…

Due to the corona virus situation, the past two years were fairly quiet as far as bookings for our walking holidays were concerned. Fortunately however, the interest in hiking on Kythira has not disappeared. This is evident from the bookings we have already received for this season. Our first Kythira Walking Tour guests arrived this week. They are doing the 150 km tour across the entire island. They were inspired by enthusiastic friends who did the tour in 2021 and they are now enjoying green Kythira with its wild flowers and many orchids.
Would you like to hear from our walking tour guests of previous years? Read their reviews here. And if you prefer shorter walks, then it is good to know that our walking guide ‘Kythira on foot’ (2022 edition, with 32 circular walks) will be published mid-April. You simply can’t get tired of walking on Kythira…

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