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Just another 4 Winter Sunday Walks to go…

The winter passes quickly on Kythira. Actually, it seems too quickly… This might have to do with our Winter Sunday Walks. Every Sunday at 2 pm, somewhere on the island, we start our walk of between 5 and 10 kilometers. Both the islanders and visitors are very enthusiastic. It depends on the route and on the weather but weekly, 30 to 75 people join our walks. Wow!!

This winter, we still have 4 walks to go. Next Sunday, March 4th, we will walk from the Kolokotronis Statue to Viglatoria and Maneanika along a beautiful path (9 km) that has recently been cleared by Alekos Kastrissios. For the time being, we are keeping the programme for the other walks a secret but we will inform you in good time. Like last year, we will have a great party after the final walk on March 25th. Where? Just stay tuned in and you will find out!!

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