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Wild Orchids Holiday

The Wild Orchids Holiday is approaching…

At the end of November 2019, we announced the Wild Orchids Holiday that we are organizing, April 5th – 12th, in cooperation with the Avlemonas Spring Festival.

The first participants are signed in and all guides and speakers have been invited. It promises to be a very interesting and varied week. We are pleased to announce that this initiative will be repeated annually. The orchids on Kythira are too beautiful to miss…

In order to give more publicity to this special spring week, we published leaflets for several tourism fairs. In addition to this we started a google-ad-campaign and we wrote an article for an international orchid magazine.

By the end of March, we will announce the complete programme. It will also be possible to walk with us for one or two days, or to participate in one of the presentations in the evening. If you live on Kythira or if you are here for holiday in the first week of April, it would be very worthwhile coming with us on our orchids adventure.

Please send us an email ( if you would like to be kept informed about the festival programme.

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