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Walk 30: Chora – Trachilos – Chora

During the last three days, Pyrgos House assisted Kythera Hiking Team with clearing the old path between ‘Germania’ and Agios Minas Church, near Chora. This beautiful path had become almost impassable because of the many thorny bushes. Once again, though, it is a real pleasure to walk along this ‘new’ path. The view of Chora’s Kastro becomes more impressive with every step. In reinstating this path, we became so enthusiastic that we also cleared the side path to Agios Minas. This ruined church (16th century) is a real jewel, located amongst cypress trees. In the Venetian period it was part of a monastery and later, in the 19th century, the British rulers buried their dead here. Visiting the church, you will be touched by its history.
Curious about this path? Then choose walk 30 from ‘Kythira on foot’ (see the previous blog).

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