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Unknown Freatsi

Freatsi is the name of a small abandoned hamlet between Agia Pelagia and Diakofti. Until the 1950s, a few families from Kastrisianika used to live here for several months of the year, mainly during harvesting and sowing seasons. Nowadays the ruins, the beautiful Agios Giorgos Church and the remains of an oven and threshing floors tell the stories of yesteryear. It is a very impressive location, especially because of the breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea and the Peloponnese.
You can only reach Freatsi on foot, along the recently cleared old path that starts at Limni, south of Agia Pelagia. It is a wonderful and varied walk of more than 4 hours (round trip, starting in Agia Pelagia). We will describe this new route in our walking guide ‘Kythira on foot’, 2019 edition, available from the beginning of April.

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