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Surprising Fratsia

For me, Fratsia has always been an intriguing village, with its huge empty town square, impressive mansions and many farms.

During our Winter Sunday Walk last Sunday, we had the opportunity to get to know Fratsia even better. For a time it was the island’s capital because of its central location on the border between North and South Kythira. The first town hall in Kythira was located in Fratsia. Nowadays the City Council is in Chora.

Papas Yannis, the priest of Fratsia, guided us around his village and opened several churches. We were very impressed by the Panagia Manolitissa Church, because of its beautifully carved wooden iconostasis (1790) and by the Agioi Pantes Church with its Byzantine frescoes. In addition to these two churches we visited the big Eleousa Church that is currently being restored. This work will once again expose the natural stonework, both interior and exterior, that has been covered with plaster for many decades. The restoration work will be finished in a few months and the church will regain its original grandeur.

This walk fired our enthusiasm and so we will add a new guided walk to our 2018 programme: “Fratsia and its churches”.

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