Pyrgos House – Kythira Greece

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Even though it is a bit early for harvesting grapes, you can already pick ripe grapes. Apart from eating them right away, in Greece it is quite common to cook moustalevria, a tasty and healthy pudding made with grape juice and flour (moustos = must / alevri = flour). Mixed with roughly chopped walnuts and almonds, sprinkled with sesame seeds and cinnamon, it is a truly delicious dessert. Following the traditional method, the moustalevria can be dried in the sun for several days and then cut into pieces. The hardened pudding is now preserved and will last all year. It tastes really good with a glass of tsipouro. Whether you eat moustalevria fresh or dried, you will always remember its unique flavour. So take the opportunity to taste a piece of it when you are enjoying your holiday on Kythira.

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