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Churches around Potamos

One of my favourite short walks around Potamos is the one to Agios Stefanos Church. We went there yesterday, accompanied by a gentle drizzle interrupted by powerful sunshine. Agios Stefanos is beautifully located on a hill top, north-west of the village. The panoramic views of the west coast and Mani – Peloponnese – are breathtaking. Inside the church a few wall paintings are just visible. Usually, the setting sun makes this location even more beautiful, but we continued our walk. We went to another gem, the double churches dedicated to Agios Nikolaos, north of Potamos. Although these churches are in the middle of a meadow and not easily accessible, I am always impressed by the beautiful entrance. In this season the meadow is full of anemones, daffodils and budding lupins.  It is another spot on Kythira where you want to linger… Very special.

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