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Κριτικές από περιηγητές

Οι κριτικές από περιηγητές ειναι διαθέσιμες μόνο στα Αγγλικά.

Soon we will publish the reviews from 2016.

Anna, Olive Picking Walking Week November 2015

After a chilly and stormy arrival on Kythira and a warm welcome by Frank, the Olive Picking Walking Week started. Picking location: Didimiotis family’s olive grove, beautifully located at the edge of Karavas. Father Nikos and friend Stamatis were continuously harvesting the olives from the trees with a handy machine while we and son George spread the nets and gathered and sorted the olives. Gradually the weather became brighter and warmer, the same for the relationship between the pickers and the family! Aunt Soula’s tiny olive grove needed to be taken care of as well and of course we were invited for a lovely lunch afterwards.

On Thursday, we put the last olive in the bag and this had to be celebrated with a dinner at Didimiotis’ place. It was a very pleasant evening with dishes full of lovely food and with their own wine. As a desert: little pancakes cooked in the new fresh olive oil and served with Kythira’s famous thyme honey and pistachios.

For a change, either with Frank or on our own, we went on a few beautiful walks. At the end of the week I left the island, very satisfied. In my suitcase, a bottle of ‘our own’ fresh olive oil which was produced during our excursion to Potamos’ Olive Oil Factory. I won’t forget this lovely week very easily!

Janneke, Olive Picking Walking Week November 2015

Picking olives on Kythira turned out to be great fun! After a royal breakfast on Potamos square we went, in pairs, alternately picking olives for one day or walking with Frank on the other day. On our picking days, our ‘boss’ was the Didimiotis family. Son Giorgos took us from Potamos to his olive grove where he instructed us, with a good sense of humour, how to use the nets, how to pick, gather and sort the olives. Then we had to work, because father Nikos and neighbour Stamatis had already set a good tempo. In the afternoon, mother Despina or friend Chloë with her son Nikos treated us to a tasty lunch.

Apart from ‘just’ work, olive picking turned out to be a very social event, with beautiful stories, jokes and much family and neighbourly help. One day we helped aunt Soula and one evening we went with them to the factory to see how ‘our’ olives were pressed into oil. It was very special to participate in this way, in traditional Greek life. Working together, laughing together and being proud together of the green golden oil coming out of the presses. And most special was the dinner at Didimiotis’ place to which we were invited: the lovely food, their own delicious wine and lots of fun. ‘You will be back?’ Oh yes!, because along with the guided walks with Frank in between, picking olives never became too strenuous or boring. In fact, the walks were the best complement of another special Kythira experience. Therefore, I really can recommend the Olive Picking Walking Week!

Jan Pijbes, September 2015

Over the years I have had several walking holidays on Greek islands. I usually arrange these by myself. In September 2015 I decided to use the services of Pyrgos House for my walking holiday on Kythira. It was my first visit to the island and I enjoyed it very much.

I was interested in doing the 9 day Kythira Walking Tour but I wanted to stay longer. So Frank arranged a 14 day tailor made programme (in which he split the last route into two shorter ones, added a stay in Avlemonas and arranged some extra rest days).

This tailor made programme was extremely enjoyable and the service was very professional. Since I was walking on my own, it was great that even though he provided perfect route descriptions, I could still call Frank for any possible assistance.

In retrospect, I should have taken extra time and walked the tracks at a more relaxed pace in order to have more time to enjoy the landscape.

Landscape wise, I have to admit that Kythira cannot compete with Southwest Crete, Tilos or Sifnos. However, when I consider all aspects (landscape, accommodation, quietness, hardly any tourism, organization of the tour), this Kythira Walking Tour scores so highly that I really would like to take another one of Pyrgos House Walking Tours.

Kornelia en Henk, Kythira Walking Tour, October 2015

What a beautiful walking holiday we had on Kythira: an interesting island with very friendly and hospitable people. We met quite a few islanders with Australian and New Zealand connections, so it was nice talking with them in English. Much praise also for Frank: our return flight was cancelled and he arranged new tickets (ferry from Kythira to Piraeus, taxi to airport). Thanks a lot for this perfect holiday!

Martin, Pieternel, Ebbe and Christine, Round North, September 2015

We visited Kythira in the last week of September 2015 for ‘Round North’ walking tour. From Amsterdam, we first flew to Athens, and then we got on a propeller plane for our domestic flight to Kythira. Between our two flights we had a delicious lunch on the beach at the temple of Poseidon. This was a very good start to our holiday.
Having arrived on Kythira, we had a taxi transfer to our first accommodation in Agia Pelagia. Here we stayed in a simple accommodation but on a beautiful spot along the sea front. Frank came to welcome us and gave us the necessary information – it all looked really good.
During our walking holiday we stayed in Agia Pelagia, Platia Ammos, Potamos, Mitata and Avlemonas. Each village and each walking track has its own atmosphere which made our holiday very interesting. The accommodation varied from basic to very good, the locations were always special: everywhere we had a good bed and a very healthy breakfast.
Kythira is an authentic island, there are many churches and ruins, its nature is diverse, the scenery is often breathtaking and the population is very welcoming.
The temperature was high for the time of year – 25 to 30 degrees – which made the walks sometimes tough but doable, as long as you had enough water with you. One day, we had heavy rain in the morning, but Frank changed our program. This flexibility is great.
We managed to find a small restaurant almost every day for lunch enjoying pure Greek meals. We had our dinner almost every night in the open air, most of the time with stunning sea views, good weather and enjoyable local wines.
After a delightful week we said goodbye to Frank at the airport.
We are very curious about Kythira in the springtime and certainly will come back to walk ‘Round South’.

Helene and Tonnie, Round North – Round South, May 2015

In May 2015, we walked for 14 days on Kythira and we can recommend it to anyone. In consultation with Frank we chose a combination of the walking tour ‘Round North’ and ‘Round South’. The tracks were really beautiful, nature all around, with a big variety in flowers and fragrances.
There were more than enough highlights. We will mention only a few:
– Round North’s most beautiful walk is the one from Potamos to Mitata: unspoilt deep gorges and the cursed town of Paleochora.
– The most beautiful track in Round South is the walk around Mylopotamos with its waterfalls, old water mills and numerous stunning views.
– Potamos’ town square, where everything seems to happen. Coincidentally, the day that we were there, the President of Greece visited the village. We felt like being part of one of Louis de Funès’ movies.
– If you like to have a beach to yourself, then visit Agios Nikolaos Beach in the north. Here you can swim next to the church, protected by the gods… Don’t miss it.

Nettie and Ad, September 2014

The reply to our friends’ question ‘Where are you going on holiday?’ always received the same reaction: ‘Kythira? Never heard of it …’

During the Kythira Walking Tour, we experienced an island which is still unknown: in one week, we met only 5 other walkers. It is unbelievable to think that this still exists in Europe.

Every day we were excited about where the route would lead us. The variety is very large and the stunning views are a constant factor.

The highlights for us were Paleochora and the final walking day: Livadi, Felotti Bay, Chora, Kapsali Bay, Agia Sophia Cave and the gorge.

All accommodation was good. We experienced great hospitality, felt at home everywhere and had very good and tasty breakfasts.

September is a good month for walking: often we swam in the warm sea and, every evening, we had dinner outside. But we have to admit that we are curious about spring on Kythira, with all the flowers. Hopefully, we will be back one time to see it.

Frank, thank you so much for the splendid organisation. The only time that something went wrong, it was our own mistake.

Now Kythira belongs to us too!

Kris and Brigitte, September 2014

Being experienced walkers, we dared to do the Kythira Walking Tour as well. We have to admit that the hills which we saw from the plane proved to be tough climbs.

Frank gave us a very complete information map with daily route descriptions. We also  enjoyed the detailed written information about churches, caves and mills on his beloved Kythira. If you are an energetic walker who loves to jump into the inviting sea, being invited by locals to pick fresh figs and nuts, to enjoy peaceful terraces, original guesthouses, a pleasant climate and a well organized but strenuous walking holiday, then you have to contact Frank!

Pyrgos House, thanks a lot for this wonderful experience.

Erwin and Marika, May 2014

What a pleasant surprise!

Having walked the West Highland Way in 2013, we actually planned to do another walking tour in England. However, while searching on the internet, we found information about walking holidays on Kythira. Having read more about this island, we became more and more curious. So, we booked the Kythira Walking Tour with Pyrgos House.

On Kythira, we met Frank who clearly informed us about the tour. He gave us the elaborate route descriptions with detailed information. A day later we started the tour through very diverse landscape. We enjoyed the views, the blossoms and aroma of thyme, broom and lavender. The routes led us past monasteries, old water mills, caves, springs and secluded beaches. We were overwhelmed by Kythira’s peacefulness.

The accommodation was also very varied: from B&Bs to small hotels or comfortable apartments. Every morning we had a very good breakfast and enjoyed the villagers’ hospitality.

I still remember sitting on one the village terraces, enjoying a cool Mythos beer, after a day walking. We will certainly go back to this beautiful, authentic island. It’s a topper!

Gemma and Marleen, May – June 2014

We enjoyed the Northern Route – with some extra days afterwards in Kapsali. Heavenly: the tour was beautiful and very well organized. We were completely relaxed. We liked everything, totally awesome. Frank provided us with written information about the island’s people, history and culture. This was very special. Frank’s walks and route descriptions were lovely and precise. Duration, difficulty and diversity were just fine.

We started to love the island and its special history. Our conversations with young and older Kythirian Aussies contributed to this feeling. Potamos, Avlemonas, Agia Pelagia, Kapsali, Mitata’s caves, the many churches, the deserted villages and the beautiful Byzantine Museum were the daily highlights. Our visit to St John Cave, in the rocks above Kapsali, was an emotional experience.

Gert and Hilda, May 2014

Again, it was a great tour!!

This year, we did the Kythira Walking Tour for the second time and it was a beautiful experience again. Nothing seemed to remained the same, we were surprised continuously. Nature was in full bloom, bee-eaters were busy, stunning views and, of course, the very friendly islanders. We felt like coming home again and sometimes we even were recognized.

The weather was ideal, not too hot and with some wind. Everything was perfectly arranged by Frank – we even could tell him our wishes for dinner: in Platia Ammos, the gigantes were specially cooked at our request.

Kythira remains very special. We will certainly come back again.

Elly and Kees – April 2014

Kythira is a beautiful island.

Frank gave us a warm welcome and informed us about the walking tour. The nature was so beautiful with all the flowers. We enjoyed the walks, which were sometimes quite strenuous, along the quiet villages, the diverse nature and culture.

The route descriptions and information were very clear. The accommodation was good and the islanders are very friendly. We will certainly recommend Pyrgos House’ walking tours.

Jos Wubben and Esther Pelgrom – April 2014

At the beginning of April, we went walking on Kythira. It was our first holiday together and also our first walking tour.

Our first impression of the island was not very overwhelming – we mainly saw the monotony in the landscape – but, during our first walk, we had to adjust our thoughts. And we kept on doing this. Kythira really is diverse with its stunning views, small paths and its interesting mix of nature and culture.

Frank organised everything perfectly. He speaks with passion and pride about the island. His attention and care for the walker is great. The accommodation was carefully selected to the extent that we cannot choose our favourites. In one the view was splendid, in another the beds were extremely comfortable or breakfast was rich and extremely tasteful.

We think that we have been spoilt… everything was just right: route descriptions, accommodation, restaurants and weather. As a small scale tour operator, Pyrgos House offers individual treatment for each guest.

Janneke – October 2013

Heart warming! Kythira is a rising star. Only a few nature lovers know of this heart warming Greek island, but Pyrgos House owner Frank van Weerde will inspire many more walkers. During my second visit to Kythira, I was surprised by its variety and don’t think that, as an experienced walker, you will get easily bored. Frank’s perfectly described routes lead you through many different landscapes. Alternately, you can walk along woodlands and moorlands, along small vineyards and olive groves or through a peaceful valley with cypresses. On your way, you cross a gorge, take a break at one of the Byzantine churches or at an idyllically located well. Sometimes, a small isolated beach invites you for a refreshing swim. The peacefulness is overwhelming and the islanders are very friendly and hospitable. In addition to this, Frank is an outstanding organiser: rarely have I felt so carefree.

Hilda and Gert – May 2013

They were 7 fantastic days… Our expectations were high and they were fulfilled. It was a great experience. We didn’t even get lost this time, which says a lot about us and how well Frank has organised and documented everything. We walked along spots that we would never have found by ourselves. The accommodations were excellent as well. Big compliments to Frank, who provided us with an unforgettable walking holiday.

Git and Theo – May 2013

It was fantastic. First of all the welcome by Frank, the route descriptions and all the extra information. During the walks through the beautiful nature, we enjoyed reading about Kythira’s history. The accommodations were great as were the restaurants, some of which opened especially for us. Next year we will come back for the southern tour!

Annet and Erik – May 2013

We enjoyed our stay on Kythira enormously. We did a tailor-made walking program which was perfectly organised. We walked for two weeks and we enjoyed the peacefulness, the space and the beautiful nature. Every walk was a surprise because of the ever changing and fascinating nature. We cannot make a top three of the walks, because we wouldn’t do justice to the other walks. The accommodations were above expectation. We would like to thank Frank for this unforgettable holiday.

Arie – March 2013

Kythira: a beautiful start of our walking season! My wife and I are enthusiastic walkers and it was our second time in Greece. From 9 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon, we walked through virgin nature. As a son of a bulb-grower, I enjoyed discovering the flowering wild bulbous plants, the fragrance of the broom and the numerous orchids. The coast, the plateau, many (cave) churches and small villages alternate with olive groves and vineyards. We had the whole world for ourselves – only once did we meet another walker. Because the tourist season hadn’t yet started, Frank had to arrange the accommodations and the restaurants which opened especially for us. He managed to do all this very well – for which we congratulate him.

Wolter and Paul – September 2012

We had a lovely holiday and all praise for Frank. Kythira is a beautiful island, not as touristy as other Greek islands we visited. We arrived on Kythira with the ferry from Crete to be welcomed by Frank who gave us the route descriptions, a detailed map and much more information about Kythira. Everything was very clear: nothing to complain about.

Anita and Ries – September 2012

With remember with pleasure our relaxing holiday on Kythira. Everything was very well organised. Frank’s walks are planned and described perfectly. Alternately you walk through nature, along villages, inland or along the coast. The walks are good to do, sometimes a bit strenuous, but never too tough. Because you walk every day for quite a few kilometres, you need to be in good physical condition. However, if you prefer to programme extra rest days in between, Frank will arrange this! The different accommodations are carefully selected and fit perfectly into the village where you stay. We only met friendly people who did their best to make you feel at home. It was a wonderful and relaxing holiday.