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The sound of Kythira

If you had to describe Kythira with a sound, what sound would you choose? The whistling of the wind through the streets of Chora? The water lapping at the springs of Amir Ali? Or the footsteps of the dancing crowd during the summer festivals? In the coming months, twelve students from the Lykeio (High School) in Chora, along with two professional sound engineers will be working on the project “The Sound of Kythera”. They are going to make audio recordings in different locations that are characteristic of Kythira. They will also interview some islanders to capture their stories. Upon completion, this unique sound document will be a guide to Kythira from which you will be able to discover the island in a very special way (including via an ‘app’ on your mobile phone). So then we will get to know Kythira better by hearing the island … We will keep you informed about the progress of the project.

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