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Fanmail from Australia

This week, I received such a lovely letter from Australia that I would like to share it with you. The letter says: Dear Mr. Van Weerde, I am writing to say how much I have enjoyed reading your book ‘Kythira, just a special island’. You brought these wonderful folk alive, with[…]

Wild Orchids Holiday Kythira

Kythira’s Wild Orchids Holiday 2024

Our Wild Orchids Holiday in April this year was a great success. Botanist and orchid expert Alexander Kocyan showed our guests from Switzerland, the Netherlands and Estonia the way through fields and groves, searching for the island’s many species of wild orchids. The result was impressive: more than 35 species[…]

KSE 2023

Kythera Summer Edition 2023

The Kythera Summer Edition 2023 has just been published!! This year’s title: Welcome to nature. Get a free copy at our office in Potamos or click on this link: KSE 2023.

Antikythera Mechanism

Permanent exhibition about the Antikythera Mechanism

In the former bank building in Potamos town square, there is a permanent and interesting exhibition about the world-famous Antikythera Mechanism. The Antikythera Mechanism is a unique artefact from the second century BC. It is the oldest known mechanical object with gears. It is actually an analog computer, designed to[…]

Outdoor Kythira

From orchid to outdoor

We proudly present two new activities for the 2023 season. Activities that seem to be so different at first sight but at the same time fit so well on beautiful and diverse Kythira. From April 3rd to 10th we organize our Kythira’s Wild Orchids Holiday. Together with an orchid specialist,[…]

Kythera Summer Edition 2022

Kythera Summer Edition 2022

The Kythira Summer Edition 2022 has just been published!! This year’s title: “Welcome to the sounds of silence”. It has a great article about our Kythira Trail Maintenance Week, written by Marianne Both, one of the participants in March 2022. Get a free copy at our office in Potamos click[…]

Kythira Walking Tour

2022, a walking season like before…

Due to the corona virus situation, the past two years were fairly quiet as far as bookings for our walking holidays were concerned. Fortunately however, the interest in hiking on Kythira has not disappeared. This is evident from the bookings we have already received for this season. Our first Kythira[…]

Hiking map Kythira

Kythira’s new and detailed hiking map

Recently, Terraineditions ( published a new and detailed hiking map of Kythira (edition 346a / 1:25.000). On this map are 26 walking routes. Apart from the Kythera Trails’ routes, there are 7 walks from our walking guide ‘Kythira on foot’ and 5 favourite walks from islanders. From north to south,[…]

Pyrgos House Shopper

Pyrgos House Shopping Bag

How great is this? One of our regular hiking guests works at Clarijs Covers in the Netherlands. During a walk, he talked enthusiastically about this traditional family business, founded in 1948. Starting out as a saddlery, over the years Claris focused on processing sail cloth and related products, like bicycle[…]