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Greek language course Kythira

New: Greek language course on Kythira

Finally… from 2020 you can join our Greek language course on Kythira. What will give you more fun than learning the Greek language during a relaxing holiday on Kythira? Having a simple conversation in Greek with the waiter in the taverna, the taxi driver, your hotel owner or with the[…]

Kythira Trail Maintenance Week

Scoop: The Kythira Trail Maintenance Weeks 2020

In cooperation with Kythera Trails, Pyrgos House is organizing Kythira’s first Trail Maintenance Weeks in March and October 2020. We are intending to continue this event on a yearly basis because Kythira is on its way to becoming Greece’s number one walking destination. Dates: March 23rd – 30th 2020 (we[…]

Kythira’s Wild Orchids Holiday – April 2020

In cooperation with Avlemonas Spring Festival, Pyrgos House is organizing Kythira’s Wild Orchids Holiday, April 5th – 12th 2020. Kythira has 723 different plant varieties, of which 48 species are endemic to Greece and 5 exclusively found on Kythira. On the island there are about 60 species of wild orchids,[…]

Guided Walks Kythira Pyrgos House

The last Walking Tour participants for 2019

This week the last trekking guests for 2019 arrived. They are doing a 15 day tailor made walking programme. When they leave, Pyrgos House walking season that started mid-March comes to an end. This year we welcomed more trekkers and more participants to our guided walks and excursions than ever[…]

The romantic story of Pyrgos House

Last week, unexpectedly, Christina Curley visited us. Christina is a granddaughter of the Kythirian Stamatoula Chlambea and the New Zealander Ivan Curley. Ivan, a soldier in the 22nd Battalion (New Zealand) during the Second World War, was wounded at the Battle of Crete (1941). He was taken to Potamos, Kythira.[…]

Seminar “Green Flag Trails Kythira”

From October 4th to 11th on Kythira there will be a seminar “Green Flag Trails”. This international seminar will be the first one organised in Europe and Kythira will be become an official member of Green Flag Trails’ worldwide network of footpaths. At the seminar there will be participants from:[…]

James Fardoulys

James Nicholas Fardoulys – a remarkable story

Last week I organized a guided walk through Potamos for the Australian family Fardoulys. They wanted to find out more about the village where their grandfather (papous) James was born in 1900. During the walk they told me James’ story who, at the age of 14 years, emigrated to Australia.[…]

Mesa Vourgo - Kastro

Mesa Vourgo churches opening

One of the biggest celebrations of the Greek Orthodox Church is on August 15th, the day of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. This year on Tuesday August 13th, from 7 pm to 10 pm, the wonderful Byzantine churches in Mesa Vourgo (the medieval district of Chora) will be open[…]