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Winter on Kythira

From wintery Kythira we wish you a good and active 2019! Within a few days, our last guests of the 2018 season will leave. Then at the beginning of March, we will welcome our first Trekking-guests – the start of another walking season. In the meantime we ourselves will walk,[…]

Kythira conquers France…

At the end of September, the French journalist Julie Hann visited Kythira as part of a 10 day-trip through Greece. This trip was organized by ‘Marketing Greece’ in order to promote the beauty and variety of Greece, especially during the off-season. Julie writes articles for the French travel-blog ‘Trace ta[…]

Kythira watercolours – 2019 calendar

Peter Sternäng, one of our guests in 2018, is a Swedish artist. Last summer he stayed in Kapsali for two weeks. Apart from having a relaxing holiday, he was inspired by the beautiful light and the varied Kythirian landscape and painted quite a few watercolours from which he selected twelve[…]

The start of Olive Picking Walking Weeks 2018

Next week, our first guests will arrive for the Olive Picking Walking Weeks. They start working in Harry Tzortzopoulos’ olive groves, near beautiful Karavas. After a few picking days and walking days we will visit Potamos’ olive oil factory. It is always a great sensation to see the oil dripping[…]

Kythira’s footpaths go around the world

Recently a very interesting article about the walking opportunities on Kythira was published in ‘Trails around the world’, the magazine of the ‘Worlds Trails Network’ and it describes the old pilgrimage route between Diakofti and Avlemonas where the walker visits the Agios Giorgos Church and the Agia Moni Monastery. This[…]

Third season: Winter Sunday Walks!

In 2016, Pyrgos House and Kythera Hiking took the initiative to organise a walk every Sunday afternoon during the quiet but beautiful winter months (November – March). Every week we chose another place on Kythira to start from, walking together with anyone who loves nature and activity! It is the[…]

Tsipouro Festival in Potamos

On Sunday October 14th the Potamos Tsipouro Festival will be held. Programme: 11 am, town square Potamos: start of a relaxed walk through Potamos. The trail will bring you to Gerakari Distillery where you will enjoy a tsipouro and fatourada tasting session. From there we walk back to Potamos town[…]

Panagia Myrtidiotissa

Panagia Myrtidiotissa’s Name Day is Kythira’s most important religious festival, celebrated annually on September 24th. The Icon of Panagia (protectress of the Kythirians) is in the monastery church of Myrtidia (myrtles), located in the south-western part of the island. The monastery derives its name from the fact that in the[…]

Tradition comes alive at the loom

In many places on Kythira you still can witness the traditions that are passed down from generation to generation. Like distilling tsipouri, baking Kythirian olive oil rusks (the paksimadia), harvesting the delicious thyme honey, Greek dancing… We certainly need to add to this list the traditional weaving of thin strips[…]