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Group Walking Holidays Kythira – new dates for 2018

The new dates for our 11 day Group Guided Walking Holidays are: April 19th – April 29th October 15th – October 25th On our Group Guided Walking Holidays both single travellers and couples are catered for. The groups are small (4 – 10 participants) and the personal and knowledgeable guidance[…]

Our new accommodation in 2018 – with sea views

We proudly present our new accommodation for 2018: Apartment Aretousa in Agia Pelagia (located along the front, with stunning views over the Aegean Sea); Villa Ochelles in Ochelles, north-west Kythira (a very spacious holiday home for 14 guests, in the middle of nature and with breathtaking views of the Ionian[…]

Cave church Agia Pelagia near Feloti Bay

You will find Agia Pelagia Cave Church slightly hidden, located along the impressive rocky coastline near beautiful Feloti Bay (south-west Kythira). The path towards the cave starts to the left of the fisherman’s cottage, just before you descend to the bay. After only a few 100 metres, the church, with[…]

Winter Sunday Walks 2017 – 2018

Exactly one year ago we started our Winter Sunday Walks, in cooperation with Kythera Hiking. Because of its huge success and the enthusiasm from many Kythirians, we started  earlier this year, on October 15th. It has become a standard: until the end of March, every Sunday afternoon at 2 pm,[…]

Kaki Melissa Monastery – near Livadi

Last Sunday, during one of our Winter Sunday Walks, we visited Kaki Melissa – a small and little known monastery. It is located close to the main road from Livadi to Chora but of course, it is better to go there on foot along one of the many old footpaths[…]

The start of Olive Picking Walking Weeks

This weekend our first guests will arrive for the Olive Picking Walking Weeks. On Monday they start working in Harry Tzortzopoulos’ olive groves, near beautiful Karavas. The trees have quite a lot of olives so there is a lot to do… After a few picking days we will visit Potamos’[…]

Kythira’s first Tsipouro Festival

Today and tomorrow (October 14th and 15th) the Kythira’s first Tsipouro Festival will be held. Programme on Saturday: 9 pm, Astikon Café: fatourada tasting followed by a concert by Συνήθεις ανύποπτοι – a Greek rock band. On the menu will be several very taste tsipouro cocktails. Programme on Sunday: 1[…]

Panagia Myrtidiotissa 2017

Panagia Myrtidiotissa’s Name Day is Kythira’s most important religious festival, celebrated annually on September 24th. The Icon of Panagia (protectress of the Kythirians) is in the monastery church of Myrtidia (myrtles), located in the south-western part of the island.  The monastery derives its name from the fact that in the fourteenth[…]

Grape Picking Excursion September 6th

September is the grape harvest month. We offer you the opportunity to help with the harvest on Wednesday September 6th. Enjoy this unique experience with the Souris family whose organic vineyard is located on a beautiful hillside, in the north of the island. Click here for the programme and sign[…]