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Kythira’s first Tsipouro Festival

Today and tomorrow (October 14th and 15th) the Kythira’s first Tsipouro Festival will be held. Programme on Saturday: 9 pm, Astikon Café: fatourada tasting followed by a concert by Συνήθεις ανύποπτοι – a Greek rock band. On the menu will be several very taste tsipouro cocktails. Programme on Sunday: 1[…]

Panagia Myrtidiotissa 2017

Panagia Myrtidiotissa’s Name Day is Kythira’s most important religious festival, celebrated annually on September 24th. The Icon of Panagia (protectress of the Kythirians) is in the monastery church of Myrtidia (myrtles), located in the south-western part of the island.  The monastery derives its name from the fact that in the fourteenth[…]

Grape Picking Excursion September 6th

September is the grape harvest month. We offer you the opportunity to help with the harvest on Wednesday September 6th. Enjoy this unique experience with the Souris family whose organic vineyard is located on a beautiful hillside, in the north of the island. Click here for the programme and sign[…]

From summer to autumn – 2017

Summer on Kythira is certainly not coming to an end. It is still sunny, warm and the sea is a pleasant temperature. However, we are already preparing the various autumn hiking programmes that we organize from September to late November. At the beginning of September, our first participants for ‘The[…]

August 6th: Agia Moni’s Day of the Saviour celebration

This Sunday, August 6th, is Agia Moni’s Day of the Saviour celebration, during one of the most important commemorations of the Virgin Mary on Kythira. The Agia Moni Monastery is located in the east part of Kythira, on one of the island’s highest hills, between Avlemonas and Diakofti. The monastery[…]

A wonderful meeting between uncle and niece

In my role as a walking guide on Kythira, I meet many people who visit Kythira for a special reason. During our guided walk through Potamos yesterday, Pauline Coroneos told me that her late parents were from Kythira. Many decades ago they emigrated from Kythira to Australia. It was the[…]

Panigiria on Kythira 2017

The first banners advertising the summer festivals, the panigiria, have been spotted again, signalling the start of the Kythirian summer 2017. Kato Livadi is this year’s kick-off: Saturday, July 22nd, from 9pm onwards with live music, dance, food and drinks. Don’t miss it because it’s great fun to dance the[…]

Petros Kalligeros Trail

This weekend, the new trail between Avlemonas and Diakofti has been officially opened. The footpath (in Greek ‘monopati) is named ‘Petros Kalligeros Trail’ –after the owner of the grocery shop in Avlemonas who sadly died at a young age. The wonderful route of 6 km goes around the Agios Giorgis[…]

Agia Pelagia – June 25th

Don’t miss this yearly cultural event in Agia Pelagia on Sunday June 25th. Theme: Dances and songs from the ‘Anatoli’. Location: mole at Agia Pelagia harbour Time: 9 pm

Summer 2017 Potamos music events

Potamos central square will be the place where local musicians perform free live music events throughout the summer. As in previous years, starting this week until the end of September, a small festival will be held every Friday night. Combine your night out with food, drink and the chance to listen[…]