Pyrgos House – Kythira Greece

Cave churches excursion in South Kythira

Are you also curious to visit South Kythira’s hidden cave churches? From next week on, Pyrgos House will be organizing an excursion to four caves near Kapsali and Kalamos. In every cave, you will see a church, each with its own special religious history and symbolism. Let yourself be enchanted[…]

New excursion

Again, Pyrgos House comes up with a scoop – a unique cave excursion in Kapsali and Kalamos. Archaeologist and speleologist Konstantinos Trimmis – born on Kythira and currently working at Cardiff University – is now on holiday on the island. However, he is eager to share his love for caves[…]

From Holland to Kythira

From Holland to Kythira, George Koksma and Kythira in the sixties – an exhibition about a long term project on Kythira initiated by the World Council of Churches. Dutch engineer Jurgen Koksma together with a Dutch volunteers team worked for ten years on Kythira to develop the island (water works,[…]

Panigiria – summer festivals

The first banners advertising the summer festivals, the panigiria, have been spotted again, signalling the start of the Kythirian summer. Platia Ammos is this year’s kick-off: Saturday, July 5th, from 9pm onwards with live music, dance, food and drinks. Don’t miss it because it’s great fun to dance the Karavitikos,[…]

Canyoning on Kythira

Welcome to Pyrgos House’s first weblog posting. From now on, we will inform you on a weekly basis about special events on Kythira. And let’s start with a scoop: canyoning through Kakia Lagada Gorge. It’s a great adventure for sporty nature lovers who are looking for a challenge. Every Thursday,[…]