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Greek language course Kythira

Learn Greek on Kythira – our 14 day language course

Feel more at home in Greece! Learn the Greek language on Kythira!

Pyrgos House is organizing a 14 day Greek language course on Kythira.

What will give you more fun than learning the Greek language during a relaxing holiday on Kythira? Having a simple conversation in Greek with the waiter in the taverna, the taxi driver, your hotel owner or with the lady in the bakery shop? Talking in Greek with Greek people will make your holiday even more enjoyable and you will feel increasingly at home in hospitable Greece.

We offer two levels: A1 (for beginners) and A2 (for slightly advanced)

Level A1 – absolute beginners:

Alphabet: you will start with learning the Greek alphabet (reading and writing)
Grammar: nouns of equal syllables in singular (nominative and accusative) and plural (nominative) form, three-ending adjectives, possessive adjectives, personal, demonstrative and possessive pronouns, regular verbs in present, (active voice, indicative mood), basic time, space, quantity and topical adverbs, basic prepositions and conjunctions.
Vocabulary: basic vocabulary in daily life, work and entertainment, travelling and holidays, drinks and food, shops and the market, time, seasons and climate.
Communication skills: during this course you will learn how to greet somebody, to present yourself (what your name is, which country you come from, where you live, what job you do, which languages you speak, what your family status is, what you like to do), to ask somebody about all the previous information, to shop (basic vocabulary), to tell the time, to talk about your daily routines and activities.

Level A2 – slightly advanced:

For people who know the Greek alphabet and the basic vocabulary (Level A1).

Grammar: more noun types, diminutives, ordinal numbers, periphrastic comparative form, indefinite and relative pronouns, regulars verbs simple -past and future (active voice, indicative mood), regular verbs present (passive voice, indicative mood), adverbs made from adjectives, more prepositions and conjunctions, subject attributes.
Vocabulary: colours, parts of the human body, vocabulary about the house and the city, clothing, feelings, public services, means of transport, foods and drinks.
Communication skills: you will become familiar with asking for or giving directions, ordering in a restaurant or a café, shopping in an open fruit market and a clothes shop, buying a ticket in a travel agency, booking a hotel room, describing a person, place or city, or a country (Greece).


You will use Κλικ στα Ελληνικά, a course book that was developed by the Centre for the Greek Language, Ministry of Education, Research and Religion Affairs, levels A1 and A2.


The coordinator for this language course is Regina Zervou. She will be your teacher together with one of her colleagues.
Regina holds a degree in Applied Linguistics, an MSc in History and a PhD in Sociology of Culture. She works as a teacher and has been teaching Greek as a foreign language to both adults and children since the 90s. She has published papers on Greek popular culture in scientific revues and writes on a weekly basis for an internet site about cinema.
Regina was born in Athens. Every year, during the summer months, she stays on Kythira in the village of Keramoto where she and her family own a house.


We will organize this Greek language course from Monday June 22nd 2020 to Sunday July 5th 2020 (level A1 and A2) and from Monday July 13th 2020 to Sunday July 26th 2020 (level A1 and A2).

Week 1:
Arrival on Monday: welcome dinner and meeting with other participants and teachers
Tuesday until Saturday: 10 am – 2 pm Greek lesson (daily)
Sunday: free day

Week 2:
Monday to Friday: 10 am – 2 pm Greek lesson (daily)
Saturday: free day
Sunday: departure from Kythira

During the language course you will also participate in:
1 guided walk
1 Greek dance lesson
1 lesson of Greek history and culture (in English)


Period 1 (June 22nd – July 5th): 995.00 euro per person (based on two people travelling together and sharing a double room)

Surcharge for a single room: 185.00 euro

Period 2 (July 13th – July 26th): 1180.00 euro per person (based on two people travelling together and sharing a double room)

Surcharge for a single room: 390.00 euro


• Transfer from and to Kythira Airport on arrival day and on departure day
• 13 nights bed and breakfast (Venardos Hotel – Agia Pelagia)
• Welcome dinner on arrival day
• 40 hours of Greek language lessons
• All mentioned excursions and activities
• Language Course Book ‘Κλικ στα Ελληνικά’

If your partner wants to join you during this holiday but without participating in the language course, the price for your partner will be 545.00 euro (period 1) or 730.00 euro (period 2) (inclusive of all the above mentioned elements apart from the 40 hours of Greek language lessons).


Period: June 22nd 2020 – July 5th 2020 and July 13th – July 26th
Accommodation: you will stay at Hotel Venardos in Agia Pelagia. This comfortable hotel is located only 250 metres from the sea. The seafront tavernas, kafeneions and shops are only 350 metres away.
Participants: minimum number of participants 4 per group, maximum 10.
Your flight to Kythira: you arrange your own flights. There are domestic flights from Athens to Kythira. If you want, you can combine this trip with a visit to Athens. Pyrgos House is happy to advise you.
More days on Kythira: if you want, you can certainly stay longer, either in Agia Pelagia or in one of the other villages. We will be happy to inform you about the possibilities.
Car rental: there is no public transport on Kythira. If you want to rent a car, either for a few days or for the whole period, we will be happy to reserve one for you. We cooperate with Panayotis Rent a Car – Motorent, who have an office in Agia Pelagia.
Assistance: Pyrgos House offers the service of a telephone number (24h a day/7 days a week) in case you need any assistance.
Travel insurance: we advise you to have adequate insurance with a reputable insurer to cover personal injury, medical expenses, repatriation expenses, loss or damage of luggage etc.

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