Pyrgos House – Kythira Greece

Fishing boat excursion Avlemonas

Avlemonas is a traditional fishing village. For many centuries, during the Venetian rule (1400 – 1800 AD), it used to be Kythira’s official harbour – witness the beautiful Castello (a small castle built in 1560). Because of its naturally shaped deep bay, even nowadays Avlemonas remains a safe home port for islanders and visitors.

For many generations families in Avlemonas have made a living from fishing, like the Sklavos family who, in cooperation with Pyrgos House, have organized several boat excursions.

Fishermen Dimitris and Georgos will sail out with you. During the trip on the sea, they will share with you their love for Kythira and the sea and will tell you more about their life as fishermen and about the archaeological finds on the seabed. They will show you several secluded beaches and caves and in each programme there is time for a pleasant and refreshing swim. And if you are lucky, you will see seals and / or dolphins.


Programme 1 – fishing boat excursion with lunch or dinner at Taverna Sotiris:

  • Departure from ‘Agios Nikolaos’ harbour in Avlemonas
  • Putting out the nets
  • Time for a trip along the east coast with several secluded beaches and caves (the area between Diakofti and Kalamos. The route is dependent on the wind direction and you will be informed by the fishermen during boarding)
  • One or two swimming stops and a refreshing snack on board
  • Hauling up the nets
  • Return to Avlemonas
  • Dinner at fish taverna Sotiris in Avlemonas (if the excursion is in the morning, you will enjoy a lovely lunch)

Price: 750.00 euro per excursion (maixmum of 8 participants)


  • A 4-hour boat trip
  • Snacks, water and soft drinks on board
  • Lunch or dinner after the boat trip (fresh fish, salads, wine and soft drinks)


Programme 2 – fishing boat excursion with BBQ on board:

After sailing out from Avlemonas harbour, together with Dimitris and Georgos you will haul up the nets, followed by a relaxed tour along the east coast. There will be time to fish with a pole and to have a refreshing swim in the crystal clear sea.

In the meantime, Dimitris and Georgos will prepare the BBQ and you will soon be enjoying a lovely lunch on board (fresh fish, salads and several dips).

Price: 650.00 euro per excursion (maximum of 8 participants)


  • A 5-hour boat trip
  • Lunch or dinner on board (BBQ: fresh fish, salads, dips, wine and soft drinks)


Programme 3 – fishing boat excursion (pole fishing)

After departure from Avlemonas harbour, Dimitris and Georgios will show you all the beautiful sites along Kythira’s east coast. You will fish with a pole and there will be time for one or two swims in the sea.

After a relaxed morning or afternoon, you will step ashore in Avlemonas.

Price: 350.00 euro per excursion (maximum of 8 participants)


  • A 4-hour boat trip
  • Refreshments (water and soft drinks)



  • Departure: Agios Nikolaos Harbour in Avlemonas (fishing harbour)
  • Time: departure time depends on wind direction; either in the morning around 9 am, or in the afternoon around 5 pm
  • Language: English and Greek
  • Goggles are available on request