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Agios Ioannis stis Agriolies

Last Sunday we visited Agios Ioannis stis Agriolies. This little church is beautifully located on a hill top between Lourantianika and Xeroniamata / Kalamos. During previous walks, I quite often passed the church and enjoyed the stunning views from there. Sitting on one of the walls around the grounds you can look over the whole island. A perfect spot for a break and to let your thoughts go…

Now, because of the Winter Sunday Walks, we had the opportunity to see inside the church and to get more information. Agios Ioannis was built at the beginning of the 16th century and from 1753 onwards it functioned as a monastery. In the church, there are two iconostases (which is very special), beautiful icons and some original wall paintings. One iconostasis is dedicated to Agios Ioannis, the other one to Agios Gerasimos, patron saint of Kefalonia. This iconostasis was built around 1775, commissioned by Saint Anthimos Kourouklis, a blind missionary from Kefalonia, who was in charge of the restoration of the monastery. It was a very interesting explanation that made the location even more special. We will certainly come back more often!!

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