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New design talent

During the last two weeks, a group of design students from the ‘University of Technology, Sydney’ visited Kythira. These 13 new talents worked on a project for promoting sustainable tourism and small local businesses on the island. Under the inspiring leadership of teacher Sasha Abram the group cooperated with Roussos Ceramic Atelier, Pelagia Aphrodite Hotel and Pyrgos House Tourist Office. Courtney, Ebonie, Caitlin and George worked with Pyrgos House. It was great fun to work with these young and enthusiastic people. Friday was their final presentation and I was really impressed by the professional, inspiring and innovative results. The Roussos family and the Chlambea family (Pelagia Aphrodite Hotel) were more than enthusiastic as well. The loud applause and the tears in our eyes made it clear that the students found a place in our hearts.

Are you curious about the results for Pyrgos House Tourist Office? Have a look at our new Facebook page! Other ideas will be used for the ‘Kythira on foot’ – 2016 edition and for our website, later on this year.

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